Birkenstock Arizona Tabacco Brown Vintage

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ATTENTION!: The pictures show the shoes only as an example. Natural leather can be...más
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ATTENTION!: The pictures show the shoes only as an example. Natural leather can be recognized by its naturally textured surface. It reflects the beauty and goodness of leather - a valuable natural resource - in its unmistakable appearance and its entire nature. BIRKENSTOCK purposely does not treat surfaces and other specific features. Every leather product is unique, with the material left the way nature intended. We use carefully selected leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 millimetres for our uppers.

The color of the leather and the surface structure can differ from the picture!

Fabricante: Birkenstock
Modelo: Arizona
Color: Tabacco Brown, Vintage Brown
Material superior: Cuero engrasado
Suela interna: Para la piel
Material de la base interior: Corcho
Suela de contacto: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
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The upper of this product is made of untreated, chrome-free tanned waxy leather. This may mean that the shoes do not always correspond to 100% of the color of the image. Real leather shoes may lose some colour as a result of normal body heat and skin moisture. This is not a quality defect, and is simply a normal characteristic of natural materials.
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