Birkenstock Exquisit Arizona Spotted Metallic Silver

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SPOTTED METALLIC THE LOOK This product group is the fashionable update of the extremely...más
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This product group is the fashionable update of the extremely popular Metallic styles. Iridescent parts resemble the look of raw, unfinished stones in combination with colouring and printing. This style embodies the connection to nature. Depending on the light that falls on the shoe, the upper has a similar effect to a rainbow or the inside of a shell. The design is printed on nubuck leather. By combining the raw material with the delicate, glossy print, the style works well with both formal attire and denim. To elevate the look, the colour of the sole matches to the upper.


BIRKENSTOCK uses leather that is especially thick – around 2.8-3 mm – but very soft. The leather is unsplit, therefore retaining all of its valuable natural properties. We use deeply dyed, permeated leather instead of artificial surface dyes to guarantee high quality and ensure compliance with our production values.


The profile of the footbed is quite literally the base of our sandals. It follows the natural shape of the foot and gives it a natural arch: just like your footprint in wet sand. The footbed reduces the risk of foot conditions. The half-exquisite footbed comes with a smooth leather lining above, which exudes a high level of comfort and style, and upgrades the look.

Fabricante: Birkenstock
Modelo: Arizona
Color: Spotted Metallic Silver
Material superior: Cuir naturel
Suela interna: Para la piel
Material de la base interior: Corcho
Suela de contacto: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
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