Birkenstock Madrid Myda Espresso

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MYDA THE LOOK This product group is a fashion update to the well-known and much-loved...más
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This product group is a fashion update to the well-known and much-loved Magic Galaxy style. The look is inspired by the sparks of a fireplace. The density of sparks and the glossy sheet on top in combination with the dark base give the style a delicate look. The glossy sheet has subtly embossed abstract flowers. This classy style attracts just enough attention so that it works perfectly as the basic look in every woman´s wardrobe.


Birko-Flor is our nonleather, basic material. It is gentle on the skin, tearproof, and easy to care for. Only water is necessary for cleaning. The part that comes into contact with the skin is made of soft fleece for outstanding comfort.


The profile of the footbed is quite literally the base of our sandals. It follows the natural shape of the foot and gives it a natural arch: just like your footprint in wet sand. The footbed reduces the risk of foot conditions. This group boasts the soft footbed. The hallmark of the soft footbed is the anatomically moulded foam inserted with millions of tiny air bubbles that greatly ease both walking and standing. It comes with a suede lining above, which absorbs moisture, provides a good climate all around the foot, and makes the sandal comfortable and healthy to wear.

Fabricante: Birkenstock
Modelo: Madrid
Color: Myda Espresso
Material superior: Birko-Flor®
Suela interna: Para la piel
Material de la base interior: Corcho
Suela de contacto: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
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