Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Zinfandel

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BIG BUCKLE In an inspired homage to the ‘seventies, bold XL fastenings accent the new
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In an inspired homage to the ‘seventies, bold XL fastenings accent the new Big Buckle versions of the classics Basel, Madrid and Arizona. These new takes offer an impressive example of how enduring and unique every BIRKENSTOCK model is. The elegant sheen of the zamak alloy bears testimony to BIRKENSTOCK´s responsible policy of choosing non-allergenic materials.

At BIRKENSTOCK, tradition dictates that design revolve around good health. We have succeeded in pairing our robust, highly flexible EVA outsole and the globally valued footbed found in all BIRKENSTOCK footwear with rugged, oiled leather and eye-catching buckles. A choice of two different widths ensures a comfortable fit.

Elegance and durability from the heart of the Big Buckle line, which promises to be a lasting source of pleasure to fans of skilled craftsmanship everywhere. Even now, the new design exhibits the signs of becoming an all-time classic

Fabricant: Birkenstock
Modèle: Arizona Big Buckle
Couleur: Zinfandel
Dessus: Cuir gras
Semelle intérieure: Semelle de propreté
Matériau du lit de pied: Liège
Semelle extérieure: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
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