Birkenstock Mayari Magic Snake Rose

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MAGIC SNAKE Snakeskin patterns are part and parcel of elegant footwear. At BIRKENSTOCK,
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Snakeskin patterns are part and parcel of elegant footwear. At BIRKENSTOCK, they have long established themselves as must-haves. All the more reason for our designers to dream up exciting new colours and styles, based on the women´s models Arizona, Gizeh and Madrid

Paring colours like gold and rose with the stand-out glittery look of the BIRKENSTOCK Magic Snake theme, these sandals showcase a passion for the art of design. They´re so perfect you´ll want to own them all.

Two stories shape their innovative look. The various snakeskin patterns draw subtle inspiration from Scandinavian mythology. And they follow the uniqueness inherent in Nature. Just as each snake´s skin is different, no two shoes in this group are alike – not even the left and right of a matched pair.

This skilfully planned, apparent randomness is created by fusing foil onto wide rolls of the upper material, Birko-Flor. The individual straps and other elements are then punched out. In the end, each facet of the shoe exhibits a different section of the pattern.

All of the models naturally offer the healthy cork footbed, optimum moisture management and the durable EVA outsole with its outstanding high-rebound support and walkability. 

Fabricant: Birkenstock
Modèle: Mayari
Couleur: Magic Snake Rose
Dessus: Birko-Flor®
Semelle intérieure: Semelle de propreté
Matériau du lit de pied: Liège
Semelle extérieure: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
Information: The pattern may differ from the picture
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