Birkenstock Arizona Graceful Toffee

Birkenstock Arizona Graceful Toffee
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GRACEFUL The Graceful sandal looks just like it sounds, softly feminine, stylishly
Informations sur le produit "Birkenstock Arizona Graceful Toffee"


The Graceful sandal looks just like it sounds, softly feminine, stylishly tasteful and fashionably effortless. For this season, we´ve updated this well-liked product group yet again – this time, with an array of vibrant colours that draw inspiration from Asian spices. Shades like yellow, magenta haze, hibiscus and ocean complement the shiny look of the upper and fit the element group World & People perfectly. This sandal is a wonderful everyday shoe that still manages to make a vivacious statement about its wearer.

Birko-Flor is our high-quality, non-leather material. It is a skin-friendly, tear-proof and easy-care material with a smooth, leather-like finish. The part that comes into contact with the skin is made of soft fleece for optimal, long-lasting comfort.

Fabricant: Birkenstock
Modèle: Arizona
Couleur: Graceful Toffee
Dessus: Birko-Flor®
Semelle intérieure: Semelle de propreté
Matériau du lit de pied: Liège
Semelle extérieure: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
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