Birkenstock Kay Black Natural Leather Super Grip Sole

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KAY The model Kay is equipped with a foldable heel strap. This gives the foot... altro
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The model Kay is equipped with a foldable heel strap. This gives the foot a secure hold even during heavy activity and movement. The anti-slip, oil- and grease-resistant sole ensures a firm hold even on slippery surfaces. 

Anyone who wants their shoes to be a smidgen softer should opt for the BIRKENSTOCK Soft Footbed. Here, a permanently elastic latex cushion has been integrated beneath the suede lining. It always returns to its original shape and gently cushions every single step. You´ll feel like there are clouds beneath your feet.

1. SUEDE LINING - The general term for a type of leather that has been buffed, called full-grain leather (or colloquially known as buckskin). This material is used to make the top layer of our footbed, which comes into contact with the foot. The flexible lining, which is gentle on the skin, nestles up softly against your foot and adjusts to its contour. The surface is open-pored, so it is especially breathable. It makes for a comfortable foot climate, even during more strenuous physical activity. Moisture is controlled in part by the underlying layer of jute.

2. FOAM INSERT (ONLY ON THE SOFT FOOTBED) - The soft footbed is padded with an anatomically shaped foam inlay. It contains millions of tiny air bubbles which provide an especially comfortable wearing experience.

3. SECOND LAYER OF JUTE - The second layer of jute is placed around the sides of the footbed. This increases the flexibility of the footbed and makes a significant contribution to its durability. This layer of thick, absorbent jute helps regulate moisture.

4. CORK AND LATEX FOOTBED - The cork and latex footbed is the heart of all BIRKENSTOCK shoes. The shock-absorbing and highly flexible cork and latex core supports and relieves pressure on feet. The natural material is heat and cold insulating and keeps feet fresh.

5. FIRST LAYER OF JUTE - The first layer of jute forms the basis of our footbed. It helps bond the natural cork and latex core.

6. Super Grip Sole



1. HEEL CUP - The molding in the heel area supports the heel tissue and holds the heel bone firmly in its natural position.

2. HEEL MOLD - The outer arch support promotes movement that is easy on the joints and reduces the likelihood of twisting your ankle. The heel mold activates the calf muscles, stabilizes the back of the foot, and improves gait and coordination.

3. LONGITUDINAL ARCH SUPPORT - The arch support that runs along the side of the footbed surrounds the tarsal bone inside and out. As a result, they provide the foot with the stability it needs when taking steps, while supporting and strengthening the inner arch. It stabilizes the back of the foot, therefore improving gait and coordination.

4. TRANSVERSE ARCH SUPPORT - This support, which runs through the middle of the footbed, stabilizes the metatarsal bone, reduces the pressure on the balls of the feet and helps prevent splayfoot. In this way, the transverse arch support helps ensure that the foot has a naturally straight and solid stance.

5. TOE GRIP - Raised indentations are applied to the front of the footbed near the toes. Thanks to the toe grip, the toes remain relaxed in their natural position. It also supports the natural flexing action while walking.

6. FOOTBED EDGE - The footbed is drawn up especially high at the front end. As a result, the high footbed edge protects the toes during the rolling movements of the foot.

The super grip sole consists of two components: a heavily cushioned midsole made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) and an antislip rubber outer sole tested in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 SRC. The outer sole is also oil- and grease-resistant. The super grip sole is ideal for daily use in hospitals, kitchens, the catering sector, and leisure time. 


One of the most important reasons why our customers are so happy with BIRKENSTOCK products lies in our carefully selected materials. Whether it´s comfortable felt, soft leather or cushioned cork: we place great value in the highest quality, both when selecting our materials and when crafting our products. That´s why we´re always on the lookout for the most sustainable sources and the latest materials with the best BIRKENSTOCK qualities.

Smooth leather has a characteristic full-grain surface, with the natural texture left unchanged. The surface finish can be adjusted in various ways, such as aniline or nappa. It has a particularly uniform and exceptionally fine-grain surface. This leather is especially durable, with external influences having little effect on it. So if you take good care of them, you will enjoy your smooth leather shoes and sandals for a long time.


Fabbricante: Birkenstock
Modello: Kay
Colore: Black
Tomaia: Pelle naturale
Suola interna: Pelle scamosciata
Materiale del plantare: Il Soft Footbed, Sughero
Suola: Suola speciale, intersuola in EVA ammortizzante, suola in gomma antiscivolo, resistente a olio e grasso
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