Birkenstock Arizona Saddle Espresso - 100% Vegan

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VEGAN Vegetarians and vegans are faced with a significant obstacle when buying shoes, as... altro
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Vegetarians and vegans are faced with a significant obstacle when buying shoes, as many models are made from animal leather. Other substances, such as adhesives, also contain animal products that are not visible to humans. For all those customers who attach great importance to their footwear being made solely with plant and synthetic materials but who do not want to forfeit comfort, we offer an increasing selection of vegan models. They are labelled accordingly and their material composition is tested regularly by independent laboratories. The models in our EVA collection, which are made solely from plastic, also represent a vegan alternative.

Fabbricante: Birkenstock
Modello: Arizona
Colore: Saddle Espresso
Tomaia: Birko-Flor®
Suola interna: Microfibra
Materiale del plantare: Sughero
Suola: EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat)
Birkenstock Vegan: No animal-based materials – such as leather or wool felt – are used during the manufacturing process
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