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A shoe should fit well. It should surround the foot, providing it with protection and stability, without constricting it. This is particularly important for children´s shoes as their feet are still growing. The bone, muscle and tissue structures are still very soft and malleable. Not only do tight shoes that pinch feel uncomfortable - over time, they can also lead to the development of foot problems.

In addition to the size, width and cut of the shoe as well as the height of the heel, the shape of the foot is important. The most critical factor for the right fit is shoe size. Feet need enough space in the front part of the shoe. This is because as the foot rolls, the toes slide forward. If the shoe is too tight in the front, the toes will be crushed with every step. So shoes that are too short are bad for your feet. That´s why shoes should always be one thumb width longer in the toe area than your foot.

But the shoe should not be too big either. A shoe that is too big will prevent your foot from rolling correctly and can, in some cases, affect the way you walk. If your toes have too much room, your foot will lose control of the shoe. Your foot will then push against the tip of the shoe during the rolling motion. This impact can damage your joints.

There is a similar effect when shoes are too wide. In this case, too, the feet do not have sufficient stability and slide from side to side inside the shoe. Your toes are being crushed just as much as they are in shoes that are too small. Your foot can also slide back and forth in the heel area. This poses risk to ligaments and muscles. 

So a good fit is extraordinarily important for foot health. That´s why the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed is available in two widths (normal and slim). The anatomical moldings in the bed support the natural tissue in your feet and provide them with stability and grip. Our models are also adjustable. So BIRKENSTOCK sandals and shoes can be adapted to fit to your feet. This ensures a high level of comfort.




If you´ve ever bought shoes, you´ll be familiar with the problem that most models only come in one width. You´ll usually find yourself looking in vain for different widths. Things are different at BIRKENSTOCK. Because no two feet are the same, our original footbed is not only available in the regular width, but all models are also available in a slimmer width for slender feet.

All you have to do is adjust the straps - and your BIRKENSTOCK shoes will fit perfectly. Look for these symbols when choosing your shoes:



BIRKENSTOCK Sizing Template


You wear BIRKENSTOCK shoes for the first time and don´t know your size or width? You can use the printable BIRKENSTOCK size table to make sure that the shoes fit. Just click on the table below and you will get the BIRKENSTOCK size chart as a PDF-file.






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