One of the most important reasons why our customers are so happy with BIRKENSTOCK products lies in our carefully selected materials. Whether it´s comfortable felt, soft leather or cushioned cork: we place great value in the highest quality, both when selecting our materials and when crafting our products. That´s why we´re always on the lookout for the most sustainable sources and the latest materials with the best BIRKENSTOCK qualities.



Natural leather can be recognized by its naturally textured surface. It reflects the beauty and goodness of leather - a valuable natural resource - in its unmistakable appearance and its entire nature. BIRKENSTOCK purposely does not treat surfaces and other specific features. Every leather product is unique, with the material left the way nature intended. We use carefully selected leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 millimetres for our uppers.


Smooth leather has a characteristic full-grain surface, with the natural texture left unchanged. The surface finish can be adjusted in various ways, such as aniline or nappa. It has a particularly uniform and exceptionally fine-grain surface. This leather is especially durable, with external influences having little effect on it. So if you take good care of them, you will enjoy your smooth leather shoes and sandals for a long time.


The term "patent-coated leather" comprises fashionable varieties of leather with finished surfaces. Thanks to the many different types of design, film, and embossing, there are almost no limits to the coatings used and the looks that can be created.


Napped leather is an umbrella term for leather varieties without the characteristic texture on the surface. These leathers are buffed on the surface (nubuck), or the surface is removed (suede). The tone of the color and surface may change over time - or the look may alter due to the appearance of a natural patina.


Velours leather, which is also known colloquially as suede, has a rough, fibrous, soft and therefore flexible surface. It is open-pored, so it is especially breathable. The open structure can make it susceptible to dirt, but this can easily be removed with a brush.


Nubuck leather has a gently buffed surface. The buffing process smooths the natural texture of the surface, making it pleasantly velvety and soft. As with velvet, brushing the surface of nubuck leather displaces the fibers leaving a visible trace and changing its appearance in different lights. The fine fibers on the buffed surface are highly sensitive to moisture and dust. Impregnation or gentle cleaning with a brush can help to protect it against soiling.


This material, which has been specially developed by BIRKENSTOCK, offers an alternative to leather. The upper layer is made of an easy-care - and therefore hygienic - synthetic material. The inside is lined with a soft, moisture-regulating layer of fleece. This high-quality material is very gentle on the skin, and it is soft and comfortable while also being very durable. It also boasts a warming effect, which means that Birko-Flor models can also be worn in cooler temperatures. The material can be dyed in many different colors. The large selection of designs offers a variety of styles.


Wool felt is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It is a high-quality, natural fiber made from sheep´s wool - and boasts many valuable properties. It is gentle on your skin, elastic, breathable, heat- and cold-insulating and keeps feet fresh.


Felt is a very thick material made from mixed fibers. The felts used by BIRKENSTOCK are especially comfortable, breathable and soft to the touch. At the same time, they are very robust and highly durable.


These EVA sandals are pleasantly soft, ultra lightweight, incredibly flexible and extremely easy to clean, which makes them a perfect travel companion. These lightweight leisure sandals are perfect for wearing on the beach, in the garden or in the spa.








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